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Covid-19: Faced with the coronavirus pandemic, the President of CCI-BF invites all stakeholders to strictly respect the protection measures recommended by the Burkinabè Government.



Train you, improve you

CCI-BF implements a vocational training policy with the "Competency-Based Approach (PCA)" as a guideline. This policy involves a partnership between the public and the private sector to train qualified personnel to meet the needs of businesses. This policy is based on three pillars:

the implementation of a vocational training system, a system piloted by the Professional Training Department;
the management of the activities of the various training centers and schools;
the implementation of studies in the field of vocational training.
The Directorate of Vocational Training (DFP)

The Directorate of Vocational Training (DFP) is involved in the implementation of the training policy of the CCI-BF through the implementation of a support system for vocational training and the management of centers and vocational training schools. The DFP has three services dedicated to vocational training:

The Trade and Industry Schools Department (SECI) comprising:
Burkinabe Business School (EBA):
the Training Center in Buildings and Public Works (CF-BTP)
The Service of the Tertiary Schools (SET) including:

  1. The Literacy Centers aim to strengthen the skills and professional skills of traders in general and those of the informal sector in particular through the learning of national languages. These centers are open throughout Burkina Faso. For the year 2019, we count more than forty functional literacy centers.
    the language center: this is the forthcoming creation of a training center in emerging languages ​​in business. Training will be provided in the following languages: Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, English.
    the International Academy for Governance and Economic Leadership (EAGLE): The EIGLE's core mission is to encourage and enable business leaders, administrators and senior executives of Burkinabè public and private enterprises and the future promoters to add value to their organizations and adopt the most advanced practices in corporate governance. The Academy is a place of meeting, debate, reflection and exchange of ideas, offering training and support for all parties wishing to move forward in the direction of good governance. business.