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Road Transport and Ancillary Activities Center

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The Training Center in Road Transport and Ancillary Activities (CFTRA): created in 1985, it works for training before employment and on-the-job training of state employees, public authorities and parapublic sectors and in road transport and auxiliary industries. The CFTRA offers the following trainings:

  • BEP Automotive Mechanics (BEP-MVA);
  • BAC Pro in mechanics;
  • road drivers (permit E);
  • self-instruction instructors (Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude of Driving School Instructors;
  • examiners of the DGTTM.

The center has acquired brand new driving simulators for the training of instructors, examiners, drivers of all categories of motor vehicles. These modern educational tools offer companies a wide range of training modules adapted to road traffic that focus on:

  • Defensive driving;
  • Rational conduct;
  • Driving in built-up or out-of-town areas (sloping and night driving):
  • Economic and ecological driving;
  • Vehicle maintenance;
  • Lashing techniques;
  • Loading and unloading techniques;
  • Mastery of the use of the on-board computer;
  • Real driving situations on national and international roads;
  • And finally emergency or at risk situations.

The center is located within the international bus station of Ouagadougou (Ouaga Inter).