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Representation in Togo

As part of its internationalization policy, CCI-BF opened the offices of its Representation on Togolese territory in 1977.

The CCI-BF representation in Togo provides services adapted to the needs of economic operators in terms of support and facilitation.

Under the authority of the General Directorate of CCI-BF, the Representation in Togo:

coordinate, animate and lead the activities of the Representation;
assist and advise economic operators;
provides economic operators with documentation and economic and commercial information;
monitor the management of infrastructures and merchant equipment;
ensures the profitability of these infrastructures and equipment;
contributes to the identification and promotion of business opportunities, etc.
Various and varied services are offered to economic operators. The most important are:

- the collection of information useful for business development between Togo and Burkina Faso;

- identification and promotion of business opportunities for Burkinabe and Togolese companies;

- the provision of useful information to economic operators in both countries;

- the organization of trade exchanges between the two countries;

- support for economic actors and partners;

- the monitoring of Burkinabè goods traffic in transit to the Port of Lomé for import and export;

- finding solutions to the problems related to the service of goods to Burkina Faso.

The representative of CCI-BF in Togo is Mrs. Victoire SOME:

Address of the Representation:

Port area, Lomé (TOGO) Tel: 22 27 32 06

07 BP 13118 E-mail