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Covid-19: Faced with the coronavirus pandemic, the President of CCI-BF invites all stakeholders to strictly respect the protection measures recommended by the Burkinabè Government.



Vision and Missions

The CCI-BF is a constituted body, empowered to represent before the public authorities, the general interests of commerce, industry and services. As such, it ensures a triple advisory, representative and administrative mission.

The advisory mission is to provide the government with advice and intelligence on trade and industry issues, and to present the views of the business community on ways to increase economic prosperity.
The representative mission is to represent the Burkinabè business community in national, sub-regional and international institutions and organizations and to make the voice of Burkinabè private sector players heard in all instances where economic interests are discussed. and where economic cooperation, integration and commercial promotion are decided.
The administrative mission is a mission of design and management of services of public utility or of collective interest in various economic domains (acquisition and management of economic infrastructures, commercial promotion and assistance to the companies, reinforcement of the capacities of the economic operators, etc. .)


By 2021, the CCI-BF is the major institution of reference at the heart of private sector development actions.


Equity - Commitment - Sense of Responsibility - Team Spirit - Professionalism - Proactivity.






Defend in a fair manner the collective interest in respecting and protecting the interests of the private sector while complying with the regulations of the business in force


Be strongly involved with all stakeholders, respecting the principles, the values ​​of the CCI-BF and the commitments made with the business community



Commit ourselves unreservedly to the optimal realization of our actions in compliance with the laws and the environment and fully assume the consequences of our decisions

Team spirit


Establish consultation, collegiality in decisions and the definition of consensual decisions



Accomplish missions with conscientiousness and rigor in the respect of ethics and good practices


Guiding principles

Promotion of private initiative
Sense of general interest
Results-oriented management
Good governance

Guiding principles


Promotion of private initiative

Promote the creation and development of companies on the national territory

Sense of general interest

Act on behalf of and for the benefit of all

Results-oriented management

Promote results culture at all levels

Good governance

Act in compliance with laws and laws, ethics, professionalism and ethics